Fishpond of Machnáč

Fishpond Machnáč is a pleasant place surrounded by forests, ideal for family relaxation. Treat yourselves with gently smoked trout caught and prepared from the local fishpond. You may even catch your own trout. Children will enjoy playground and sports field, swings and a minizoo. DISTANCE FROM TRENČÍN: 25 km.
HOW TO GO THERE: Driving from Trenčín

Fishpond of Kulháň

The small village of Kulháň is located about 2 kilometers from the village of Zlatníky. In ancient times gold was mined here, and more recently was home to a glass factory and a forest railway. Today, you can find there a popular fishpond, where you can catch fish for yourself or taste finely baked and smoked trout. Between Kulháň and the nearby village of  Duchonka, a forest educational trail (less than 6 km long), with 14 species of trees. The...

MiniFARMA Lubina

Lubina MiniFARMA is really a children‘s paradise. The farm specializes in raising pure-bred miniature forms of farm animals such as sheep, goats and cows. Children are able to see many domestic animals up close, pet and feed them or just observe how they behave in their natural environment. You can also...