Cliffs of Vršatec

The Cliffs of Vršatec (Vršatské bradlá) is a massive lime formation that dominates the natural landscape in the middle of the Váh region. Being visible from afar, the cliffs are hard to miss.

Situated above the village, Castle of Vršatec, a typical medieval castle built on inaccessible lime rocks, was one of the highest located castle. Because of its breathtaking altitude, the castle was naturally protected. It belonged to the category of guarding castles once distributed along the borders of the former Hungarian empire.

First mention of Vršatec appears in 1244. During centuries, the castle changed several owners and in 14th century was owned by Matthew Czak of Trenčín (Matúš Čák Trenčiansky). In 1708, at the time of the Rákóczi’s uprising, the castle was destroyed and has been left in ruins ever since.


HOW TO GO THERE: By car from Trenčín in the direction to Ilava, through Pruské to village Vršatské Podhradie. By bus or train to Ilava, then by bus to Vršatské Podhradie. From bus stop 10 minutes walk to ruins of the castle.

GPS: 49°04’03“ N, 18°09’11“ E



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