Orientation plan – rules and regulations

Mapa Čerešňového sadu

Čerešňák hillfort

Natural recreation area with playground equipment
Location: Brezina Forest Park, the Cherry Orchard

Rules and regulations

  • Opening hours:
    – from 1st May to 31st September: 8.00 to 22.00
    – from 1st October to 30th April: 8.00 to 19.00
  • The playground equipment is designed for children under 14 years of age.
  • Children under 6 years of age may only use playground equipment when accompanied by a person older than 18 years of age.

Notes for visitors

  • We kindly ask the visitors to:
    – keep this area clean and clean it up before leaving;
    – act and behave so as not to bother other visitors;
    – pay due regard to your own safety and the safety of your children.
  • If a visitor causes damage to the facilities or personal injury to another visitor, he or she is liable to pay for compensation.
  • The operator is not liable for injuries incurred to the visitor through his or her own carelessness or as a result of not abiding by these rules and regulations.
  • The operator is not liable for the destruction, theft or any other damage to the items of the visitors entering the area.

It is forbidden

  • for persons older than 14 years of age and persons weighing more than 70 kg to use the playground equipment;
  • to use the playground equipment if it is damaged and there is a risk of injury;
  • to use the playground equipment in case of bad weather (slippery surface of the equipment, the damp surface of the area surrounding the playground equipment, etc.);
  • pollute the area and damage the equipment;
  • bring sharp, glass and breakable objects;
  • smoke, consume alcoholic beverages, narcotics and psychotropic substances;
  • start a fire outside the stone fire pit;
  • eat and drink while using playground equipment,
  • bring dogs, cats and other pets in the area.

In case of emergency, please, call one of the following numbers:

  • 112 Emergency
  • 159 Municipal Police
  • 150 Firefighters
  • 155 First Aid
  • 158 Police

Contact number for reporting accidents and malfunction of playground equipment: mhsl@trencin.sk.

Owner: City of Trenčín, Mierové námestie 2, 911 64 Trenčín
Operator: MHSL, Soblahovská 65, 912 50 Trenčín

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