Parking at street Palackého is the closest parking to the historic centre of the city. It serves as a short-term parking for the maximum of 2 hours. Parking fee is 1 €/h. If you require longer parking, we recommend a parking at street Mládežnícka (parking fee applies Monday – Friday from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m., parking fee is 0.60 €/h). You can reach the centre on foot in 5 minutes. Free of charge parking with capacity of 230 cars is available at a parking next to Mestská plaváreň (City swimming pool). You can reach the centre on foot in approximately 12 minutes.

Parking fee payment options

  • Parking meter – you can pay by cash or card, the meter does not give change
  • SMS payment – available only with Slovak operators Telekom, Orange, O2 and 4ka
  • Internet payment – with Visa, MasterCard, CCS


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