Small Church in Pominovec

Legend says, that after a devastating flood that afflicted Pominovec, only four families survived. Their members were able to rescue only seven sheep out of the wild water. The saved inhabitants would later build a new settlement and call it Sedmerovec (the name means “seven sheep”). The only thing left of Pominovec has been a rare romanesque Church of St. John the Baptist from the 12th century, located on the plains surrounded by fields. At the end of each summer a cycling pilgrimage is organized near the church.

Kostolík v Pominovci/Church in Pominovec


On the way to Pominovec you can stop at the small Aviation Museum located at the airport in Slávnica. The museum was created on the initiative of members of Aeroclub Slávnica and nowaday you can see there 9 unique planes. The largest exhibit is Tupolev 134, which originally belonged to Czechoslovak Airlines, but after a hard landing it was removed from the squadron.


HOW TO GO THERE: By car from Trenčín through Bolešov and Slávnica to Pominovec. By bus to Nemšová, then to Sedmerovec. From the bus stop 10 minutes walk to the church.

GPS: 49°0’15” N, 18°11’31” E

OPENING HOURS: nonstop, but the church itself is closed for public

ENTRANCE FEE: for free

Farský úrad Bolešov
Tel: +421 (0)42 449 32 44

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