Glassworks Skansen Sklený sen

Unique in Slovakia, Glassworks Skansen offers visitors live demonstrations of glass production, glass-blowing, shaping, and decoration. You can observe a glassmaker creating products and look at the various tools and instruments used.

Skansen is situated in the region with long glassworks tradition dating back to 1747, when a glass smelter was established in the Gápel settlement that was part of the village Valaská Belá. Glassmakers and craftsmen worked hard in the smelter to create many high-quality products that spread the fame of the place far beyond its territory.

Live demos and presentations at the skansen show the work of an glassmaker who creates various glass products and decorations. With the help of a small oven glassmaker shows the old traditional technologies of glass-making. Local gallery shows the various products that are produced at presentations and demos and are available to purchase. Glass-making oven is not in operation every day. Since it takes about 40 hours to ignite it, control the temperature and melt the glass, specific days and times for live presentations must be agreed in advance.


HOW TO GO THERE: By car from Trenčín, through Ilava, Homôlka to Valaská Belá.

GPS: 48°53’14”N, 18°23’35” E

OPENING HOURS: please, agree your visit here in advance via e-mail or phone +421 (0)907 198 433.

ENTRANCE FEE: see webpage

Spolok Sklený sen
Valaská Belá 20
Tel: +421 (0)907 198 433



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