City tower (Mestská veža)

City tower offers beautiful view of Trenčín Castle, the parish church, as well as Mierové Square. Six floor Gothic tower was built around the begining of the 15th century on a square foundation. Originally, it was a two story structure, with its passage roofed by a pointed Gothic arch. During the first quarter of the 17th century, the gate was updated in the Renaissance style, a third floor was added in an octogan shape. Damaged during the besiege of the castle by Katzianer, the gate in 1543 – 1549 was reconstructed, erected higher and fortified by the semicilcular barbican with a lower front bastion. A drawbridge served as the entrance.

Due to Turkish threat, further fortification to the gate was necesary at the begining of the 16th century. The fortification was destroyed in 1857. At the top of the tower a Renaissance mechanical clock was installed and in 1934 changed to an electric clock. A Latin inscription on the tower says: NISI DOMINUS CUSTODIERIT CIVITATEM, FRUSTRA VIGILAT, QUI CUSTODIT EAM, what means: Unless the Lord guards the City, the watchman stays awake in vain. 

Nothing at all has been preserved of the Upper „Water“ City tower standing in the upper part of the main square. Graphic works from the first half of the 19th. Century capture its image after the fortification was removed in 1761 and before it was destroyed in 1873.

The entrance to the city tower is through elevator from the street Sládkovičova. The first balcony is accessible also for people with disabilities. Stairs inside the tower are accessible only by foot.

Monday – Sunday 10:00 – 18:00

children up to 6 years: for free
children over 6 years, students, pensioners and disabled: 1,00 €
adults: 2 €
price for group with more than 10 children: 0,50 €/ child
price for group with more than 10 adults: 1,00 €/ adult

Kultúrno-informačné centrum Trenčín (Tourist Office)
Mierové námestie 9
Tel.: +421 (0)32 16 186




Barbara Issa Wagner: Krajina nehy

11. 6. 2024 – 14. 7. 2024 | Mestská veža

Maľba Barbary Issa Wagner je vedená experimentom a analýzou vlastných dotykov so svetom v jeho pravdivej podobe a to i za cenu, že niektoré dotyky so skutočnosťou sú bolestivé a obrazu ako výtvarnému názoru, poskytujú iba záblesk hľadaného námetu. Všetko je dobré, len keď to vyjadruje...


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